MLG Raleigh Starcraft 2 schedule

August 26 - 28, 2011

Time in Raleigh:
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Currently on RED stream:
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Start time Your local time Red stream Blue stream
05:00 PM Welcome Welcome
05:10 PM All stream Pregame show All stream Pregame show
05:20 PM Starcraft 2 Red Stream Pregame show Starcraft 2 Blue Stream Pregame show
05:30 PM EGIdrASTBomber DignitasSeleCTLiquidTLO
06:30 PM EGHuKSlayerSCoCa ReIGNKiWiKaKioGsNada
07:30 PM MVPDongRaeGuSTTrickster DignitasSjoWSTBomber
08:30 PM DignitasNaniwaFnaticRain DignitasNaniwaFnaticRain
09:30 PM DignitasSeleCTMVPDongRaeGu DignitasSeleCTMVPDongRaeGu
10:30 PM LiquidRetoGsNada FnaticRainSlayerSCoCa
11:30 PM DignitasNaniwaEGHuK EGIdraDignitasSjoW
12:30 AM Special: Live State of The Game Special: Live State of The Game
11:00 AM PainUserLiquidHero PainUserLiquidHero
12:00 PM FnaticKawaiiRiceEGDeMusliM wbcEGPuMa
01:00 PM LiquidTylerLiquidHerO EGPuMacolDrewbie
02:00 PM DignitasSeleCTSTTrickster FnaticRainEGHuK
03:00 PM EGiNcontroLcolTriMaster LiquidTLOLiquidHerO
04:00 PM EGIdrAMVPNoblesse EGIdrAMVPNoblesse
05:00 PM LiquidHayproSTBomber LiquidHayproSTBomber
06:00 PM oGsNadaEGPuMa LiquidHerOSTTrickster
07:15 PM DignitasSeleCTLiquidHerO LiquidShethEGPuMa
08:00 PM DignitasNaniwaSlayerSCoCa LiquidShethoGsNada
09:00 PM ReIGNKiWiKaKiEGPuMa STBomberMVPNoblesse
10:00 PM LiquidTylerLiquidHayprO LiquidTylerLiquidHayprO
11:00 PM Day wrap Day wrap
10:00 AM FXOmOoNanLiquidHerO FXOmOoNanLiquidHerO
11:00 AM STTricksterEGDeMusliM STTricksterEGDeMusliM
12:00 PM STBomberMVPDongRaeGu LiquidHuKcolTriMaster
01:00 PM SlayerSCoCaEGPuMa --
02:00 PM LiquidHuKoGsNada DignitasSjoWLiquidHerO
03:00 PM oGsNadaEGPuMa oGsNadaEGPuMa
04:00 PM Championship Losers Round 9 Championship Losers Round 9
04:30 PM SlayerSCoCaSTBomber MVPDongRaeGuoGsNada
05:30 PM Championship Losers Finals Championship Losers Finals
07:00 PM Championship Finals Championship Finals
08:30 PM Awards Ceremony Awards Ceremony

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